Student ProDuctions 2017

During the 2016-2017 school year, the Bellingham Youth Media Project partnered with Kulshan Middle School to create curricula designed to help all 7th grade students weave technology into their language arts and social studies classes.  Student groups were asked, "What makes a powerful Kulshan student?"  Each team chose a word, and was challenged to create a video, photo essay, or podcast that represented their power word.  The students used this project to then write a more formal essay, using evidence from their media projects in their papers.  The process of pre, during, and post-production was parallel to the writing process of drafting, revising and editing.  Here are some results!  

Video Gallery

See how students harnessed the power of video to express what it means to be powerful!  Through a meticulous process of pre, during and post-production activities, students learned to us Adobe Premiere to weave it all together.

Photo Essays

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  We say that by adding just a bit of text, they are worth so much more!  In these examples, students used the rules of visual composition to express their messages of power.  


Human beings are storytellers at heart.  Listen in as this group learned how to layer a script, music and carefully crafted questions to explore what power means to them.  Who ever said making a podcast was easy?